Burgundy sweater. Check. Leather jacket. Check. Bobble hat. Check. Autumn ready? Almost!
Because we’ve got a few more seasonal must-haves you have got to sample.

Packed full with colourful, delicious dishes that are more autumnal than kicking through the leaves in your fab new leather boots. We’ve got items on our new menu that are an Instagramers heaven, so make sure you pop down and try some of this years must-have food trends. 

Our rainbow wrap continues that colourful trend with sumptuous beetroot hummus, marinated artichoke, fresh avocado, fire roasted peppers & rocket leaves in a flour tortilla.

It’s time to brighten up your lunch with this bold number. 


For those health bods out there we’ve got a great Chicken, Greens and Grains dish that will help with your #gainz. It’s grilled chicken, chopped spinach, spiced quinoa & brown rice, broccoli, soya beans and lemon oil dressing.

Eating healthily never felt so good, right? 


When we get to the gates of Heaven, we expect to see a steaming bowl of mac & cheese waiting for us. Our favourite comfort food just got even more decadent with the addition of lobster to our smoked Applewood Cheddar sauce. Need any more convincing? How about some garlic buttered sourdough toast on the side?

Available as a main dish, or a side, this is the foodie equivalent of a cashmere jumper. 


Long gone are the days where a bowl of soggy vegetables was the only thing on the vegan menu. Our burger menu has a brand new champion “The Vegan”. Beetroot hummus, fire roasted peppers, served in an delicious grain bun. Sounds so good, even meat lovers will be convinced. 

Mouth watering yet? Come down and try the food for yourself, you won’t regret it! Book a table for you and the squad here