All Bar One focuses on Sustainability

We are always looking to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our bars. We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, but we’re aware of how much more there still is to do. Every day, we make small changes that we hope will have a long-lasting impact on our planet – we’re determined to keep making improvements and sustainable choices, with a focus on:

o   We are founding members of the Zero Carbon Forum and are committed to reducing our emissions and developing a roadmap to Net Zero

o   Our bars are powered with 100% renewable electricity

o   We are working to reduce our food waste

o   We work with Fareshare to redistribute surplus food to communities who need it

o   96% of our operational waste is diverted from landfill

o   In partnership with Social Bite & Shelter, we are helping to offer employment opportunities to people who have experienced homelessness

All Bar One was the first bar to remove plastic straws with our #strawssuck campaign back in 2018. Ever since, we have continued to work on planet-first initiatives, from refillable soap & moisturiser in our toilets (reducing plastic waste) to highlighting the great work of our sustainable drinks.

One for All & All for Sustainable Rose


Sip a beautifully chilled pale rose wine that cares about the planet. From award-winning sustainable vineyards to artisan farming with hand-picked grapes, we have a selection of wines that put sustainability at the heart of what they do.

All the Better with Sustainable Beer


Drink a sustainable beer at All Bar One with brands who source ingredients locally, repurpose spent grain for cattle feed, and clean plastic from UK’s beaches and world’s oceans.

All Bar One partners with FEVER TREE x EARTHWATCH

Sustainability is a consideration in every Fever-Tree drink. From its selection of ingredients (one of which was originally a medicinal remedy to fighting malaria - a disease Fever-Tree are fighting to eradicate), to ensuring all of its drinks sold in the UK are carbon neutral, Fever-Tree is committed to making drinks in a way that is beneficial to the natural world and wider community, driving positive, long-term impact.

Working with environmental charity Earthwatch Europe, All Bar One and Fever-Tree are proud to support Tiny Forests around the UK. A Tiny Forest is a dense, fast-growing forest consisting of 600 trees planted in an area the size of a tennis court. Environment issues such as flooding, heat stress and loss of biodiversity are increasingly affecting our cities. Creating thriving and climate-resilient urban areas is a considerable challenge. Innovative urban tree planting solutions such as Tiny Forest can help.

Our work with Earthwatch Europe will allow us to maintain Tiny Forests across the country, rejuvenate the urban landscape and support urban wildlife with our team members volunteering to reconnect with nature.

All Bar One Food Delivery Packaging

Order, enjoy, recycle!

We are working hard to reduce the amount of packaging we use and source sustainable options in our delivery and takeaway packaging.

The quality and freshness of our dishes is key and where plastics have been used, we have selected materials that are recyclable or have high levels of recyclable content. We encourage guests to re-use our takeaway packaging in your own home and we’ve already seen planet-friendly creativity at its finest, including paint pallets, craft storage, and even plant pot trays.

We’re continuously researching how we can reduce waste without compromising on the quality of enjoying our food and drinks in your own home.

Use our guide below to learn more about our delivery packaging and the best ways to recycle it.

How to recycle your All Bar One takeaway packaging?

  • Coated boards (such as our food pots, lids, and cups)

    These can still be captured for dry mixed recycling, if free from food waste. Minimising contamination to board recycling is key in maintaining the quality of paper fibres.  
  • Uncoated boards and papers (such as pizza boxes, burger boxes, and greaseproof papers)

    To minimise grease contamination, we use greaseproof papers to aid the recycling of outer board boxes.
  • Plastics (such as food containers)

    Where rigid plastics are used, we have selected materials that are recyclable or have high levels of recycled content. Pots, Tubs, and Trays are currently accepted in kerbside recycling collections by 85% of local authorities.

All Bar One Sustainable Food

We are partnering with Cool Food Pledge on our upcoming food menu to:

·       increase plant rich options

·       reduce size of menu to help reduce food waste

·       use sustainable paper for our menus

Charities We Support At All Bar One

We’ve been working in partnership with Shelter since 2017, helping families struggling with bad housing and homelessness. To date, we’ve raised £175,000 to support their work.

From taking part in our challenges to organising a wide range of fundraising events, our team have gone the extra mile to fight housing injustice.

All Bar One donate:

·       50p from every Festive Burger sold over the Christmas period

·       25p for selected breakfast dishes

·       £10,000 in Spring 2021 by taking part in distance challenges.