All Bar One and Shelter

All Bar One has been working with Shelter since 2016 to ensure that nobody fights the housing emergency on their own.

Case Study 1: During the pandemic, Saci Kumara Nimai Das lost his job. His benefits were capped and had no money to live on. This is when he turned to Shelter. We helped him overturn his benefit cap, which was incorrectly applied, and supported him to approach the council and make a homeless application on the basis of unaffordability.  Eventually, he was able to find a cheaper studio flat, meaning he could more easily meet his rental payments.

Case Study 2: When Shaiso lost her job at a London hotel, she also lost the accommodation she was staying in. Afraid, with no income and facing homelessness, she phoned our emergency helpline. With our help, Shaiso was able to secure a new place to live, starting the very next day. She had escaped the very real prospect of being forced onto the streets.

This is just one example of the thousands of ways Shelter help people facing homelessness and it’s why All Bar One colleagues have been taking part in fundraising challenges over the past 12 months, helping to raise over £10,000. 

Since the start of our partnership, we’ve raised over £175,000, and this Christmas, we’re supporting Shelter again by donating 50p from every limited-edition festive burger dish sold.

Every year, more than one million people come to Shelter for advice and support via the national helpline, the website and services across the country. The free helpline, 0808 800 4444, is open all year round to offer expert housing advice for people at immediate risk of homelessness. 

Just one call to the Shelter helpline can be the difference between somebody losing their home and keeping it.

Over the last twelve months, All Bar One has raised over £13,700 for Shelter, by donating 50p from every special Shelter dish sold on the Christmas and Breakfast menus. This donation could help to answer 680 calls to the Shelter helpline, supporting families fighting the devastating impact of the housing emergency. 

Terms & Conditions: We’re partnering with Shelter to make sure your meal makes a difference. 50p for Festive Burger sold and 25p for each breakfast dish sold will be paid to Shelter Trading Limited which donates its taxable profits to Shelter the National Campaign for Homeless People Limited (Registered Charity Number 263710); helping families fighting the devastating impact of the housing emergency.