It’s simple really, over the next year we’re going to reduce our straw usage by a third. But why we hear you ask… Because we know how incredibly harmful plastic straws are to animals and the environment. Did you know just one straw, yes one, takes 500 years to decompose? Add that up over one Friday night in our bars and that’s a lot of plastic!

So we’ve decided to do something about it, and from today, we’ll be phasing out plastic straws from our bars. This is because, as a brand, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment, and are always reviewing ways in which we can improve. It’s our pledge to go green, starting now!

Don’t worry you can still sip away merrily on our delicious cocktails and soft drinks, and for those crushed ice cocktails we’ll be offering replacement eco-friendly options.

So why does this matter to us? Our own research show just how many straws are in use and in turn, creating an environmental problem. To give you a snapshot of just how many straws we use at All Bar One:

  • Straws are served in 25% of our drinks
  • An average of 1,600 straws a week in each bar (about 13,000 a day as a brand)
  • We purchase 4.7 million straws a year

We need your help, we can’t make this happen without you, the change starts with how you enjoy your drinks and we ask that when you do, you don’t ask for a straw. Let’s all work towards making a difference and get rid of plastic straws for good.

We’re also calling on other bars to join the pledge and get involved in the #StrawsSuck movement.  

#StrawsSuck Update

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response from our guests and the media about removing plastic straws from our bars. We had hundreds of tweets, Instagram and Facebook comments from our guests all backing our pledge, and agreeing to be a part of it. Not to mention the articles in the The Times, Mail Online, AOL ,Yorkshire Evening Post, Sheffield Star, Bournemouth Daily Echo, The West Midlands Express & Star, Brighton & Hove Argus and many, many more. 

In just three weeks we’ve saved 91,000 straws from going into landfill. Yes, you read that right 91,000! That’s 4,000 a day, every day across all of our bars, across the country and we couldn't have done it without you! So this is a massive thank you to everyone that stood behind us and said #strawssuck! 

We're not finished yet, keep tweeting, Instagramming and posting on Facebook, tell your friends, family and colleagues, we want as many people and businesses to say #strawssuck.