The best things in life, come in threes!

Now that the May bank holiday weekend has arrived we’re even more obsessed with all great things that come in three. Research has proven that everything that comes in three is funnier, more satisfying and more effective than any other number of things - not that we needed proof, three cocktails? Yes please!

To celebrate our Bank Holiday Bites & Bubbles we’ve picked our favourite things that come in threes:

1. A three-day weekend

Need we say more – having an extra day added to your weekend to do whatever you want is just the icing on the cake. Can we get a whoop whoop (whoop)? These three day weekends give use an excuse to get crazier than normal on a Friday and Saturday night. Not to mention the fact that it is followed by an even shorter work week…

The best things in life

2. All the best girl squads

Destiny’s Child, The Power Puff Girls and Charlies Angels – just to name three! The only inspiration we needed growing up to remind us that the art of the ultimate girl group lies in the power of three. Whether it was singing along to ‘Survivor’, saving the city of Townsville with your super powers or being a kick ass detective with your two besties, you and your girls always had a dream team trio to look up to.

Come in threes

3. Three is the magic number

Anyone remember when De La Soul brought out magic number? Great song and we can’t agree more. The best things really do come in threes, so grab your mates and get three small plates with a bottle of bubbly for £25.

The best things in life come in threes

Why not treat yo self and get on down to All Bar One for three small plates and a bottle of bubbly – it’s always a good idea. Make sure to send us a snap @allbarone when you pop in.