We make all the difference

We’re focused on being better every single day, whether we’re sourcing sustainable wine, creating nutritious dishes for a healthy lifestyle or partnering with causes close to our heart – we’re always mindful that it’s the smaller actions that make the biggest impact.

Our mission is all about ‘doing the right thing’ and this is what guides us —from the food we serve and the technology we use, it’s only by working ‘All together’ we can make ‘All the difference’.

All about sustainability

‘Sustainability’ – 2019’s buzz word. Basically, it’s how we can take steps to maintain our planet so future generations can enjoy it just as much as we’ve done.



Can you believe it takes 500 years for one straw to decompose? We’re super proud that we’ve fully completed our mission and All Bar One was the first to remove plastic straws on the high street.

We’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment by offering an eco-friendly alternative— after all, #StrawsSuck.

Sustainable sipping

Sustainable Sipping

Sustainable sipping is an actual thing, so your next glass of wine can also be beneficial for our planet as well as delicious! Fall in love with our feel-good, environmentally friendly wines.

Our entire sustainable wine line-up has its own story to tell; from lower carbon footprints to reusable energy — so it’s as they say, small actions = BIG changes.

All about technology

Simple, smart, technology is the only kind we want to use. Make your All Bar One experience even better with our amazing app, charge your phone wirelessly, and you can even order your fave dishes to be delivered straight to your door.

Order at table

Using your app

‘No more split the bill shame’. We know that paying the bill can be one of the most awkward parts of dining out with friends, so now you can do it all through the All Bar One app.


Order with Deliveroo

'Enjoy all your fave dishes delivered right to your door with Deliveroo. From the office lunch to a night in with friends, we'll bring the flavour of All Bar One to you. * Find a Deliveroo near you.

Wireless Charging

Charge wirelessly

BATTERY LOW – the dreaded words. Well, we’ve got good news, many of our bars now offer free wireless charging.

Just download the All Bar One app, it’ll detect if there are charging spots near you. So, you don’t need to worry about your phone running out of juice, just let it refuel while you do too.

All about partnerships

Making the world a better place means spending time listening to the people that live in it. This is why we work with a number of great charities and amazing people to see how each of us at All Bar One can help.

Our partnership with Shelter

Our work with Shelter

We’ve been working with Shelter since 2016 towards the goal that, one day, no one will need to turn to Shelter for help.

At Christmas, we donated 50p from every limited-edition festive dish sold and we also raise money through a number of in-bar activities each year.

Our wellness partners

Our wellness partner @naturallystefanie

We love to work with people that inspire us, especially those who show us how mindful eating can be healthier AND tastier.

This year we teamed up with YouTube blogger, vegan influencer and Instagram sensation, @NaturallyStefanie to launch Stef’s Miso Tofu Bowl on our exclusive Veganuary menu.

All about living well

Eating good and feeling good go hand in hand. We’re all about choice, a positive voice, and giving you plenty of options. That’s why we work hard to design menus with balance in mind – how we can make things good for you to live your best life.


Encouraging wellness

Life is all about balance and it’s important that you get a good mix. From healthier dishes and nutritious power foods to something a little indulgent, we want our food to not only taste good to you but feel good.

A Vegan Focus

A focus on vegan food

Whether you’re living a vegan lifestyle, seeking a fresh start or just looking to reduce your meat intake, feel the #PlantPower and find all the inspo you need with delicious and nutritious dishes on our amazing vegan and vegetarian menu.

Low ABV drinks and softails

Low ABV drinks & softails

Our hand-picked selection of Mindful Drinks is a refreshing range of low-cal and no-alcohol drinks that are the perfect answer to the question, ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ — after all, who really needs an excuse not to drink? We don’t.