Absolut Midsommar

We’re going to have an Absolut-ly great Midsommar!

Let’s be fair, Sweden has it pretty great. One of the greatest pop bands of all time (ever!). And in the Summer, they have a festival dedicated to enjoying long nights of eating, drinking and apparently endless levels of sun. It’s kind of a big deal.

We can’t guarantee endless sunshine. I mean, we all know what British summers are known for (we’re looking at you torrential rain!). However, we can promise to provide the ingredients for a good party with a little bit of help from our friends over at Absolut.

So get ready to drink in the delights of an Absolut Midsommar with these five new cocktails!


Blonde Cosmo
Say hello to our Cocktail of the Month, the Blonde Cosmo. A flirty take on a forever classic with a swirl of Absolut Citron, a few heavenly drops of elderflower all topped off with our favourite fizz, prosecco! We’ve garnished this blonde beauty, with an edible flower for the ultimate summery twist.

Skandi Fizz
For a refined take on the ever elegant glass of fizz, we’ve added fruity Absolut Cherrys and a splash of Chambord (always!) to create the Skandi Fizz. Like the best little black dress, it’s the perfect complement to a sophisticated brunch or a stylish night out.

If you’re looking for a long, refreshing drink as your new Summer go-to, we bring you the Nordic-ito. A Mojito with a bitter twist of coffee liqueur, over cool draft of Absolut Vodka and a generous helping of lime juice to freshen you up on these balmy, summer nights. 


Berry Skandy
The Berry Skandy is the perfect wingwoman, to your Midsommar night out! This ruby red beauty is berry special, and is sure to shake you up with a tangy serving of Absolut Raspberri, a twist of Chambord, and a playful sprinkling of strawberry powder. Absolutely fabulous darling.

King Gustaf
There’s nothing like something sharp and sweet to get your taste buds tingling. If this sounds like heaven, look no further than our King Gustaf. This cocktail combines Absolut Citron with Absolut Vanilla for a sweet and sour cocktail that is shaken over ice and garnished with thyme.