Shake your spring thing

It’s time to dust off the razor, unwrap yourself from your duvet cocoon and log out of Netflix once and for all - because today is a new dawn, for spring has finally sprung and we feel blooming marvellous! Check out our top tips to spring clean your life and welcome back the season with open arms.  

1) Do what you love, love what you do

So many people make the mistake of carrying on a lifestyle because that’s what they’re used to and they accept things the way they are. Quite simply, you’re a long time dead. If you aren’t loving what you do, you’re doing it wrong. Spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, discover your real passion in life and go out and get it! 


2) Look good, feel good

The ‘new year, new me’ lie we all told ourselves back in January is well and truly forgotten, so now it’s time to actually get ourselves into shape and feel good in the process. This doesn’t mean hitting the gym seven days a week or going on some crazy egg and kale diet, it means taking baby steps and going at your own pace to feel fitter, healthier and more confident in yourself. 


3) Relationships

We’re all guilty of getting caught up in our fast paced lives and often take for granted the ones we love. Make it your spring thing to stop and take some time to appreciate those around you. Set aside some ‘us’ time, go for a walk or treat yourselves to a meal out. Dedicate time away from screens and away from distractions and just let it be the two of you.


4) Mate Night

It sounds simple but surround yourself with people you actually want to spend time with. Spring clean your social life and remove toxic relationships, focusing only on the people that mean the most. You may all lead different lives but it’s important to make real time for one another, not just on a group chat. Arrange to meet up, catch up over cocktails and put the world to right


5) Spring Vibes

It’s time to put your extensive ‘home inspo’ Pinterest board to work, as spring is a great time to revamp your home and try out new styles. Even if your place is rented, introduce some colour and light with new textures and patterns in the way of cushions, throws and rugs. Spring is a time to be playful so let your imagination run wild! 


6) The Season of Long Weekends

Spring is officially the best season ever, and we’re not talking about the weather, baby animals or fresh flowers. Spring is bank holiday season. There is nothing more wonderful than waking up on a bank holiday weekend knowing you have an extra work-free day ahead of you to spend however you want. Picnic in the park? Sure. Duvet day? Why not. Lazy brunch with the girls? You go ahead, this is your day, enjoy every second.


7) Let’s go Alfresco

Eating outside is so much better than eating inside. Fact. That first alfresco meal is a beautiful moment, it marks the start of British spring-time, and what a joyous time it is. It’s more sociable eating outside, there’s no reason to leave the table, to relocate to the television, to catch up on house hold chores (who’s cleaning when the sun’s shining?) And it’s too bright to sit on phones, being the unsociable creatures we’re all guilty of being at times. Spring is a time to sit and talk over a bottle of wine or an ice cold beer, and quite frankly there’s no place we’d rather be. 


8) In Bloom This Season

It’s time for a wardrobe revamp, pack away the chunky knits of winter, and bring out the clothes you forgot you even had – after all it feels so long since the sun last shined. Spring is a great time to try a new style and bring some colour into your wardrobe. Experiment with different necklines, patterns and textures with a new look for the new season. 


9) More hours to enjoy

With longer days and lighter nights there are more hours in the day to enjoy in spring, so make the most of it. The end of the working day doesn’t have to be the end of your day, go for an evening stroll, enjoy after work drinks as the sun sets or simply make the most of your garden with a good book in the evening sun. So keep technology at bay for a little while longer and take advantage of having a few more hours to appreciate the gloriousness of spring. 


10) Discover something new

Lambs frolicking, bunnies hopping and flowers blooming, spring is a time to be re-born and start anew. Discover something new this season; a new found hunger for hiking, a passion for painting or a desire for découpage (each to their own.) Get out there and find something new and exciting to try. Whey not mix up your menu choice with a tasty new cocktail or divert away from your go-to-meal. Check out our new spring menu for a whole world of flavours and spring-time discoveries. Click here.