Protein for Breakfast at All Bar One

If you haven’t noticed, we are a massive fan of brunch at All Bar One and since we have just launched our new breakfast item the ‘Poached Egg Pot’ we thought we would talk to our brand nutritionist to get the ins and outs of this dish and why protein is important to include in our brunch routine.

What makes our poached egg pot so great for brunch?

The ‘poached egg pot’ contains over 22g protein meeting the high protein claim with over 20% of the dishes energy coming from protein!

The dish contains two poached eggs which are not only a great source of protein and contain all the essential amino acids but did you know the yolk also contains B Vitamins and selenium!

The poached egg pot also contains a big brunch favourite, avocado! This goes beautifully with the crumbled feta, chilli and chorizo and for those of you looking to reduce your sugar intake this is a perfect option as it contains only 0.2g sugar per dish.

Why should we aim to include protein in our breakfasts?

Many studies have shown that eating a high protein breakfast may enhance satiety throughout the day giving you the sense of feeling fuller for longer! Not only this, protein is essential for the maintenance of good health and contributes to a growth in muscle mass. In the UK, we tend to do well at meeting our protein requirements of 0.75g protein per kg of body weight for the average adult (RNI). So why not start your day as you mean to go on with the protein packed pot!


Have you any other favourites on our brunch menu?

Yes! Let’s not forget our 'Protein Power Up Breakfast’ this contains over 34g protein per dish which also meets the high protein claim! I am also a huge fan of the buttermilk pancakes with banana, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries – a big tick to the maple syrup on the side so I can control how much I add to the dish!