6 New Years Eve hacks to save your night

At All Bar One we know a thing or two about throwing the best parties in town. We’ve outlined some top tips to help you look and feel your best when the clock strikes 12 this NYE. We’ve got you covered from your party prep right up to the next morning! Here’s our guide to staying on fleek all night. 

The Prep

First on your list, get your beauty sleep in. Yes it’s a real thing, so to make sure you’re awake all night on New Years Eve have a nap before you pump up the jams. Follow this with a facemask to ensure your skin is glowing from AM to PM. If you’re in a rush sneak a quick face pack session in. For best results wear it while you mix up the cocktails for the gang!

Finally, all that’s left is to put on the ultimate party playlist and get dancing. 


Make up hacks

To keep your makeup looking flawless all nightlong make sure you abide by the golden rule; less is more. Start your makeup look with a primer or moisturiser, as it’ll leave your skin looking flawless, the perfect canvas for what’s to come.

Once you’ve done that it’s time to focus on your lips and lashes. Channel your inner Cara with a red statement lip, and luscious lashes, apply at least two coats of mascara (minimum). Finish your look with makeup setting spray. We love ‘All Nighter’ from Urban Decay, it’ll keep your make up party ready all evening. 


The shoes

It’s the one time of year when you can get away with those 6-inch platforms you bought last year. Here is a couple of things you need to consider before you totter out the door:

  • Every pro knows you never wear shoes for the first time on a night out. Even if you’re walking around the house, put on an extra pair of socks, grab your chosen shoes and take them for a test run.

  • If your shoes are a bit of a squeeze, heat them up with a hair dryer first.

  • For those who are afraid of heights, why not go for some trusty boot heels?




The hangover

Rule number one, canapés AREN’T food! If you’re serious about saving yourself the next morning make sure you eat something filling, our delicious burgers are a great place to start!

Rule number two; make sure you kick off the festivities with a glass of prosecco and then go onto long drinks, this will ensure you don’t crash and burn before midnight.

Finally, make sure your order the morning after is eggs. It’s scientifically proven that brunch cures all hangovers*. Well... Maybe not quite, but protein does help to undo all the damage from the night before!



What should be in your bag?

Cash, yes we all love Uber but if your phone dies then you’re pretty much stranded, plus you might need it for an emergency exit.

Split up your cards, cash and ID that way if you lose your wallet (lets face it we’ve all been there) you won’t be shelling out to replace everything the next day.

Next you’ll need mints, your keys (obvs) and your make up essentials.


The Squad

You shouldn’t invite as many people to your New Years plans as you might think. Lets face it the more people you invite the more you’ll lose.

Keep it to the ‘core’ squad; the joker (to keep you laughing all night), the talker (no one wants an awkward silence), the emotional one (they’re definitely going to make a collage of your pictures the next day), the mum (the one who’s going to get you home safe) and the all essential back up dancer (you didn’t light up the dance floor for nothing).