Five Cocktails that Completely Sum up your Friendship Group

March 24th is National Cocktail Day over in the US. A day dedicated to cocktails. Have you ever heard of anything more wonderful? No, nor have we. So we invite you to come and celebrate this joyous day with us by discovering which cocktail personality you are. Share with your friends and we guarantee you’ll be screaming “Omg that one is so you!” in no time. Don’t worry, no one’s a Sex on the Beach… 

Gin Berry Cobbler

Classy yet sassy, you’re the sophisticated one of the group, you know how to have a good time, even if your resting bitch face doesn’t always show it. (It’s just my face okay?!) Your fruity personality and witty one-liners make you an integral part of any cocktail party and a must have guest at any girly catch-up.


Long Island Ice Tea

Reckless, excitable, has no social filter and is quite frankly an embarrassment to be around, but hey, that’s why your friends love you! You’re the fun-loving one, always ready to hit the dance floor and bust out some borderline awkward moves. A Long Island Ice Tea is there for one reason and one reason only, to party like its 1999. So forget the haters and let your hair down like the crazy weirdo you are. 


The Daiquiri

Daiquiris are for people that say ‘WOOO!’ you’re the big kid of the group, and though your friends may cringe with despair at times, your childish spirit is infectious and you know how to have a great time. You’re the brains behind any girls night, the orchestrator of many a ‘casual drinks.’ (What even are those anyway? They’re not a thing, if you think they’re a thing you’re lying to yourself). Inevitably, despite your greatest efforts for the ‘best night ever’, your friends know you’ll be the first one they’ll be carrying to the taxi, cheesy chips in hand


The Espresso Martini

You probably own a capsule wardrobe and love a good day to night look, (Because there’s no such thing as too much black). Work hard, play hard is pretty much your mantra for life, you may be a mid-week workaholic but as soon as the clock strike five on Friday you are a woman gone wild. Your constant caffeine fix more than helps you keep up with the pack and by the end of the night you’ll no doubt be the last one left shaking your thaang on the dancefloor.


The Mojito

You’re a twenty something woman, smart, independent and oh so cultural. You definitely went on a gap year and you probably spent it in Thailand or Bali (you are so frickin’ spiritual.) You’re never afraid to try new things and love sharing your experiences with your friends, and quite frankly anyone that will listen. You take pride in your appearance (Mojitos are healthy right? They have to be, there are leaves), but don’t care what people think of you. You’re the first person to say yes to a night out and always stand by your word.