Eat your way to energy

With the excitement of Christmas now over, and Blue Monday just around the corner, no wonder that you feel like your batteries drained. Instead of reaching for your coffee, or ploughing through that packet of biscuits, grab one of these naturally energising foods. We’re sure they’ll give you the kick just went you need it and leave you alert for hours.


For the best breakfast switch your croissant for eggs, any kind will do. Scrambled, boiled, or poached, make sure you include them in your diet. They’re packed with protein that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. FYI a medium egg contains around 80 calories – absolutely cracking!



Okay so we might be biased here, but our sassy superfood salad is your one stop shop for healthy energy. It contains protein rich chickpeas and quinoa, baby kale for vitamin C, pomegranate for its antioxidant powers, and a sprinkle of omega seeds, rich in all the good kinds of fats – you’ll agree with us when we say it packs a SERIOUSLY nutritious punch. 

Superfood salad 1.png

Healthy office snacks

We’ve all been a victim of the dreaded 4 o’clock slump, you know the one. However, step away from the crisps, put down the chocolate and instead try these simple and healthy hacks to keep yourself awake and alert.

  • First up is our favourite, apple slices dipped in almond butter. It’s simple, tasty and will hit the spot.

  • A handful of antioxidant rich Blueberries rich in antioxidants, will keep your hunger pangs at bay and help avoid the post lunch bloat.

  • For crunch sensation try some unsalted pistachios. They’re low in fat and good for your heart, so your body will love them as much as we do! 



Who’s got the time to be slaving away over dinner? We’ve got people to tweet and instagrams to post. To help you out when hanger strikes, we’ve got the ultimate fast food cheat sheet, our vegan menu is now avalible on Deliveroo! From our magical Miso rice bowl, to our super healthy Kale & houmous flatbread there’s something for everyone, so you can order with confidence knowing that you can feast, guilt free at the touch of a button. Who said fast food had to be unhealthy?