10 Reasons Why Brunch is Basically the Best Thing Ever

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who knows, and quite frankly who cares. It.Is.Fabulous. For any brunch doubters out there, we’ve put together the definitive guide as to why this mid-morning delight should be celebrated as the best meal of the day. You can book your table here

1. You don’t have to be an early bird

Who’s a morning person really? No one, that’s who. Brunch doesn’t drag you out of bed, brunch is considerate, brunch cares about you. Breakfast might wake you up at the crack of dawn insisting you eat and start your day, not brunch, brunch is ready when you’re ready. Feel like getting up at 10:30? Not a problem. You take your sweet time, brunch will wait. 


2. Alcohol.

Where else is it not only socially acceptable to drink alcohol before midday, but actively encouraged? So whether it’s hair of the dog you’re in need of, or are simply starting early, if you’re looking for an excuse to crack the booze out early, brunch is for you. 


3. So much choice

Why choose between sweet and savoury when you can have both? Other mealtimes make you choose, but at brunch there is no judgment. You want sweet, delicious pancakes but your friend wants a fully-loaded sandwich, not a problem. Everyone’s happy at brunch. 


4. There is always bacon involved



5. There’s always a reason to brunch

The beauty of brunch is the many excuses you can find to go. (Like you need an excuse to go brunching). From Lazy to girly, boozy to business, brunch is the answer to most of life’s questions. Fact. 


6. No holding back

Due to its timing, brunch basically counts as two meals so there’s no need to feel bad about brunching your way through an excessive amount of carbs and enough eggs to feed a family of four. 


7. No dress code

Brunch knows no formalities, the spectrum of dress at brunch is vast. It is completely acceptable to don your weekend comfies or dress up to the nines, brunch doesn’t care what you look like, brunch just wants you to be happy. 


8. Everything’s better with your friends

Breakfast is a solitude, unentertaining necessity to get through the day. Brunch on the other hand, is a wonderful, sociable activity and the ideal place for a team debrief. After all, where else are you going to hear about the awful decisions you made last night? 


9. Great for vegetarians and the health conscious

Brunch is one of those rare occasions where the veggie-lovers and health conscious amongst us have free reign of the menu. With so many delightful meat-free options, tonnes of protein and an abundance of fruit and seeds, brunch is the dream for you guys. 


10. Sunday Funday

Brunch makes Sundays productive. Sundays traditionally have been a day wasted, a day to wallow in sadness at the impending doom that that is Monday morning. Brunch changes all this. It’s a reason to peel yourself off the sofa any day of the week, but on a Sunday, brunch is the kick start you need for a day of productivity. 


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