Mojito Pop Up Bars

We have joined up with our friends at Bacardi to create our Mojito pop-up cocktail bars. Throughout March, April and May our Mojito bars will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays* where you can come and enjoy four Mojito flavours mixed right in front of you at our cocktail masterclass tables.

What does your Mojito say about you?

When it gets to Thursday evening, the countdown to cocktail o’clock begins. Whether you’re heading out out, starting the weekend as you mean to go on, or just in the mood for some fun after work drinks, our cocktails have your name on them. Round up the troops and grab one of our four fresh flavours. If you’re wondering which one matches you best, we’ve given each Mojito a personality. So ask yourself – which Mojito are you?

Classic Mojito

You’re the “responsible one”. You know what you want, how you want it and how to make sure everyone gets in the cab on time (no easy task). This classic drink doesn’t follow the crowd but stands out for it’s simple yet delicious combination of mint, lime and rum. 

mojito-bar.jpg mojito-bar.jpg

Mango Mojito

You’re the “vibrant classic”. You’re the life and soul of any party and the group relies on you to keep the energy up. Much like the Cuban classic with a tropical twist, the vibrant flavours of the lime mint and mango match your extrovert personality. 

mango-mojito.jpg mango-mojito.jpg

Mojito Royale

You’re the “Queen Bee”. Arguably, we can all have a bit of Beyoncé in us at some point in the night, but this drink is reserved for the ones whose sole effort is to be centre of attention every night. The added Prosecco in this classic gives it that extra sparkle and punch. We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! 

classic-mojito.jpg classic-mojito.jpg

Raspberry Mojito

You’re the “playful one”. You’re a fruity character and this drink matches you perfectly. Always up for trying anything new and the last one standing on any night out, you need this personality in any squad. The raspberry puree ensures this drink is anything but basic. 

raspberry-mojito.jpg raspberry-mojito.jpg

Make sure you send us a snap @allbarone and let us know which mojito you are. 

Our cocktail pop up bars will be open as long as there is not a cocktail masterclass booked at this bar during the evening. Call the bar to double check if the cocktail pop up bar is open this week.