Sustainable sipping is an actual thing, so your next glass of wine with friends can also be beneficial for our planet too! Get ready to fall in love with our exceptional range of feel good environmentally friendly wines.

Our sustainable wine line-up is one of the biggest on the high street, and each has a compelling tale to tell; from lower carbon footprints, and reduced wastage methods, to reusable energy practices.

This stunning collection allows you to enjoy a range of wine that’s not only bursting with uplifting flavour, but will even satisfy your eco-conscious mind too! This delicious & refreshing range is the beginning of a new movement in the world of wine.

The organic Lucente Super Tuscan is made by the Frescobaldi family in Italy’s most respected region of Montalcino using a perfect balance of sun, soil and grape, allowing for little intervention in the vineyard. Each sip of our sustainable wines is sure to take you on a journey back to nature, such as the classic Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, originating from a vineyard where animals roam freely to keep the vine rows tidy.

Yealands Estate Single Vineyard

13%, New Zealand

Love by Léoube

13%, Provence, France

Hecht & Bannier Provence Rosé

12.5%, Provence, France

Loxarel Sàniger Brut Reserva

12.5%, Spain

Lucente Super Tuscan

14.5%, Tuscany, Italy 

Yealands Estate Single Vineyard

13.5%, New Zealand