5 Reasons to Celebrate Friday

Friday is, without a doubt, the most glorious day of the week. A time to reflect on the working week and to look ahead to the weekend. At All Bar One, we’re big fans of this special day, and you know what rhymes with Friday? Prosecco.

Join us each week and enjoy a bottle of fizz for just £15, or go big with a magnum for £30! Check out our top 5 reasons to celebrate Friday this week – as if you need an excuse.

See you in a Prosecco!

It’s Not Monday

If someone gives you something to do on a Friday, chances are, it can wait until Monday. No one starts anything new on a Friday - it’s the end of the week, are you mad?! We pile all our worries, workloads and woes onto Monday, a day that on Friday feels as though it is lightyears away. Forget your troubles, those looming deadlines can wait.

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You Survived the Week

You made it. All the drama, all the pain, all the small talk with Janice in accounts - you ploughed on through and you made it to the other side. And if that doesn’t deserve a pop of the Prosecco cork, then quite frankly what does?

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The Diet Starts on Monday

Friday is your excuse to eat whatever you want. No one cares about healthy food and portion sizes on this hallowed day. If you want pizza for lunch and dinner, you go ahead. Been out for a meal but have every intention of grabbing a kebab at the end of the night? Who could blame you - it’s Friday. 

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Even on a Bad Day - it’s Friday

Things don’t go wrong on Fridays. Well, that’s not strictly true, but even when they do, does it really matter? Leaving your laptop at home would be a disaster on a Monday. A bad hair day on a Tuesday would be a total nightmare. Cancelled trains, broken umbrellas, no hot water - all terribly unfortunate events any day of the week, but on a Friday, who cares?

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The Gateway to Freedom

Possibly the most important reason of all, Friday is the start of the weekend and that alone should be a reason to celebrate. Whilst we all know we shouldn’t wish our life away, we can’t help but live for the weekend. We spend all week planning and prepping for those two days of freedom and Friday is where it all starts. We can almost taste the mimosas…

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