It’s the end of veganuary, but that doesn’t mean we’ll simply stop serving the amazing vegan options available on our menu.

Our NEW healthy vegan summer dishes are packed full of flavour, vital nutrients, and promote not only health conscious eating, but help toward reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re intent on maintaining that health kick, or simply want something tasty, wholesome and of course guilt-free, then we’d love you to try our new Nutritious Power-foods.


Enjoy 2 Course for £10.50, or 3 Courses for £13.50

Vegan dish at All Bar One
Vegan dish at All Bar One
Vegan dish at All Bar One

Our nutritionist’s guide to a healthier, happier you this January

We’ve asked our nutritionist, Sarah Jackson, to give you all some small changes to your diet that you can make to reap big rewards!

So whether you’re trying to get more fibre in your diet or wondering how to increase plant based proteins, we’ve got 8 useful tips for the new year.

Simply visit our Youtube channel to watch our Veganuary clips!