People of the World… Spice up your life!

It’s never too early for a Spice Girls pun, right? Not a fan? Ok, we’ll stop right now... thank you very much.

But seriously, we’re looking to bringing colour to your tastebuds with our…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE….brand new Eastern Med menu.  

Whether you are a spice queen, or just like to keep your finger on the pulse (quinoa, pulse, get it?) we’ve got a dish for you. Let us whisk you away with one bite!

line-abo.png line-abo.png

Houmous where the heart is...

We know you all heart our small plates, so to kick things off we’ve got our classic houmous duo so you can dip to your heart’s content. Great things come in small packages with our Spinach & Feta Bourek crispy pastry parcels, or for the carnivores among you, our spiced tumeric Lamb Kibbeh pack an exotic punch you will love.

houmous.jpg houmous.jpg
flatbread.jpg flatbread.jpg

Sharing is caring…

For those times when you want to get the girls together for an epic catch-up sesh, then our sharing flatbreads are here for you. Dish the gossip over our Lahmacun with spiced minced beef, and green harissa houmous or discuss the new office hottie whilst passing the crumbled feta, yoghurt and spinach topped Spinach and Feta Pide. We’ve got the fuel for your gang debrief...just don’t forget the cocktails.


The Main event…

Like any girl gang, the key to perfect harmony is a mix of personalities and balance is key. Taking cue from the ultimate girl group our dishes have the perfect mix of flavours,  including fragrant spices with cooling mint and calming cucumber. Our Lamb Koftas and Chicken Meshwi are a perfectly blend of harmonious flavours, they’ll have you coming back for more.


main-dishes.jpg main-dishes.jpg
cocktails.jpg cocktails.jpg

The Spiced Spirit of Summer

It’s not just our menu that’s been given an extra sprinkle of spice. We’ve taken your favourites and given them a splash of Eastern flavour. Our Lebanese G&T and Spiced Ice Tea are our shaken up classics, and NEED to be your first round this Friday.