Our 5 Wellness Top Tips

We’re sure you’ve heard all about the latest health craze of achieving “wellness” but what does it mean to you? Here are our 5 top tips to achieving a happier, healthier you! View our menu here.

1) Take time to do what you want to enjoy

Make the most of your lunch breaks by going for a brisk walk, or even a short run. Make it even better by listening to your favourite music playlist, or podcast.

2) Boost your vitamin, and nutrient intake

We’ve got an amazing selection of delicious & vegan nutritious Power-Foods that taste great, & encompass an ‘eat good, feel good’ factor!

3) Get on the move! How about Yoga?

4) Spend time with those that you care about and laugh!

Did you know that… when you laugh your brain triggers a release of endorphins that boost your body’s natural feel-good factor, and even helps to relieve pain and discomfort!

5) Don’t beat yourself up

Whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s fine to treat yourself on occasion. Why not indulge a little with our Rich Chocolate & Avocado Pot, or relax with a great tasting cocktail from our fabulous drinks menu. You’re worth it!