As you already know, we’re all about the good times as well as amazing food & drink at All Bar One. But, did you know that we’re also super invested in self-care and making sure you’re feeling your best self, inside and out?

To celebrate Veganuary 2020, not only have we got an amazing new vegan menu, but we’ve teamed up with Clare Every (@thelittlelondonvegan) and Brett Cobley (@brettcobley), who have taken the time to pick out their absolute favourite dishes from our Veganuary menu... we think they’ve made excellent choices — okay, we might be a little biased, but they’re seriously delicious.

Brett’s fave dish is from our ‘Small Plates’ section and he’s gone with the Chipotle Banana Blossom Bites — truly gorgeous nibbles, served with a coconut dressing and pomegranate.

Clare decided on the stunning Candied Nut Roast... think root vegetables and beetroot, topped with pecans, cashews and cranberries served with pumpkin & apple humous, asparagus, beluga lentils, a sage pesto & watercress — not gonna lie, it’s divine!

Why go Vegan?

Vegan food and veganism as a lifestyle are growing more and more popular by the day, and for good reason. We’ve broken it down for you with 6 reasons why you should go vegan…

  1. It’s good for the environment: Raising livestock requires more land, water and energy than it does to produce grain. According to academics at Oxford University, if everyone adopted a vegan diet globally it would cut food-related emissions by 70%!
  2. It makes you smell better! You might be sceptical but a recent study found that people whose diet consisted of mainly plant-based products smelt ‘floral, fruity and sweet’ when they sweat, as opposed to those who had a carb-heavy diet — healthy & scent-sible.
  3. Your mum was right, eating vegetables is good for you! It goes without saying, but just in case you forgot, vegetables are full of essential vitamins and minerals. All of which goes toward you not only looking but feeling your best… which is never a bad reason, right?
  4. Vegan diets give you more energy: you’re likely to feel full of beans after a few weeks on a vegan diet. Why? Well, with less fat in your bloodstream, your muscles are getting more energy meaning you’ll be skipping to All Bar One the next time you visit!
  5. Get that skin g-lowing! Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains give your body lots of gorgeous antioxidants, which sashay away all those nasty free radicals that bring on wrinkles, spots and other signs of ageing — combating hunger, feeling younger. We’re here for that and we think you are too!
  6. Try our new amazing dishes! Going vegan opens up a whole new world of taste, flavour and dishes that you’re just going to fall in love.

Looking for a place to start? Why not try our new vegan set menu, enjoy 2 or 3-courses from just £10.95 – what are you waiting for? Discover the power of the plant and book your table today!