Can you give us a short intro into who you are Stef?

Of course! My name is Stefanie Moir and I go by the name Naturally Stefanie on social media.

I am a health and fitness blogger and YouTuber from Glasgow, Scotland and share my journey as a healthy and fit vegan.

When did you decide to go vegan and why did you choose to make the change?

I switched to a plant- based lifestyle over 5 and a half years ago and at that time got more and more interested in fitness, especially weight training. At that time the myth around vegans not getting enough protein and that they couldn't reach their fitness goals in the same way as those on a carnivorous diet was definitely strong. I decided to document my journey on my blog before starting to make videos online too.

Was it the taste of meat that didn’t appeal or a wider feeling of social responsibility?

I personally have never really liked meat and identified as a vegetarian most of my teenage years so when I heard about veganism it was a no brainer for me as it focused on eating the foods I already loved. Over time it has become so much more about heath, looking and feeling my best whilst benefiting the lives of animals and the environment as a whole.

Tell us a little about your partnership for All Bar One for January

I am fortunate that this journey has lead me to have great opportunities with brands such as All Bar One whom I have worked with this year to bring 5 new dishes to their Veganuary menu. Being in the fitness world I usually find that restaurants seem to lack that satiation with their vegan menu, the meals are usually vegetable based with no real substance from a hearty protein source such as lentils, beans and tofu.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

I worked with All Bar One to bring a power bowl dish to the menu, the Tofu Miso Bowl. This is packed with ancient grains, tofu, greens and vegetables to serve up a hearty and healthy balanced meal, all topped off with a delicious miso dressing. Make sure to head in to your local All Bar One this January and February to check out the 5 new dishes for yourself.