Starting fresh in January and giving up the booze doesn’t mean you need to shy away from being a social butterfly. This month we’re all about #SmallChangesBigWins, and we’ve got a great range of delicious non-alcoholic drinks if you are on the Dry January wagon this month, or just fancy trying something new.


 Yes, you heard it here first, there is such a thing as a non-alcoholic spirit. Mind = blown. These trendy drinks look and taste just as good as a gin & tonic... without that hangover. Need we say more?  



 Get your juices flowing with these bad boys. Whether you’re feeling peachy or minty fresh, we got you. Excuse the pun but these drinks really are super fly ;).


Freshly Blended Smoothies

 Your body is a temple (for January at least) and our freshly made smoothies are the vit-hit you need after the Christmas season. After all, small changes lead to big wins and if they taste this good, we are in!



 When only a cocktail will do, we still got you. We’ve got a whole range of softails that not only look great but taste AMAZING.