Beers that make a difference: In the brewhouse and beyond

Amazing Beer Sommelier, Natalya Watson (@beerwithnat) tells you about our brand-new beer range, created with sustainability in mind. From responsible sourcing to raising funds for environmental efforts, each of our beers is making the world a better place, one sip at a time.

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Brewing things differently…

Toast Ale is one of the new limited-edition craft beers in our range and fights food waste with every brew. Astonishingly, nearly half of all bread that’s produced goes to waste! Toast Ale partners with bakeries and sandwich makers to replace a portion of the malted barley with leftover bread, which acts as an alternative sugar source. So much good in one little bottle!

At Camden Town Brewery’s new eco-friendly facility in North London its leftover malted barley gets a new use outside of the brewery as cattle feed. Local farmers collect the nutrient-rich grains to prevent it from going to waste.

Beyond the brewhouse…

Water is the biggest ingredient by volume in any brew. In fact, nearly 95% of the average pint of beer is water! With that figure in mind, it’s easy to see why Brewgooder has such an appreciation for water and wants to help provide those in need with access to it.

All profits from sales of Brewgooder’s Clean Water Lager go towards clean water projects, like digging wells, with the goal of reaching one million people by 2025.


This summer, Corona is all about “finding your beach” and so they’ve partnered with local charities to help organise beach clean-ups across one million square metres of UK coastline — the equivalent to 68 UK beaches!

Feel ‘All the better with Beer’ every Thursday and try 3 beers or ciders from our new range to enjoy free nachos.  Available from Monday - Thursday.