As many people will be aware, Botanic Lab has for a long time been my ‘go-to’ drinks brand.  The flavour combinations are so unique and intelligent – I’ve even created by own drink in collaboration with the team!

It was therefore with great excitement that I heard about the imminent launch of a new diffusion line of drinks from Botanic Lab called BOTANICS cold-pressed, which are available at All Bar One across the UK.  I was lucky enough to try the full range and already have by favourite picked out. FORTIFY is the winner for me. I am a HUGE fan of Turmeric root; it has to be one of nature’s greatest offerings thanks to it’s anti viral and anti-inflammatory properties). The drink has a sensational flavour, complex and spicy with a lovely warmth from the raw turmeric, ginger and chilli.  As usual, Botanic Lab have added that extra something to this drink. The adaptogen ashwagnadha,  and the ‘velvet bean’ Mucuna Pruriens.  Adaptogens are rapidly becoming something of a trend to those ‘in the know’ as they have amazing benefits for balancing stress in the body and boosting immunity. 

Mucuna Pruriens contains the active ingredient L-Dopa which also helps to combat stress and helps to promote brain health.  It is often called the ‘happy bean’ as it is been used a lot in the treatment of depression as it helps increase dopamine in the brain, which is essential in regulating our mood.

BOTANICS are the perfect solution for a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink as they are completely free of refined sugar which is a must in my book, but also low in natural sugars.  They offer a great taste experience and a lovely lift from the botanicals that my friends may be enjoying from cocktails and alcohol.   I like to drink FORTIFY over ice but occasionally I do indulge and recently tried mixing it with gin which went down pretty well and tasted even better knowing I was complimenting the alcohol with something so clean and healthy

BOTANICS cold pressed by Botanic Lab is a range of 3 botanically enhanced raw adult soft drinks available exclusively at All Bar One. See for more details and for your nearest venue.