Cocktail Of The Month

This summer, we’re bringing the taste of Scandinavia to your local All Bar One in the form of our Absolut Midsommar cocktails. We’ve taken inspiration from the Swedish celebration to bring you the beauty of nature and eternal sunshine mixed, shaken and decanted into a cocktail glass so you can really indulge in the Swedish summer vibe.

Blond Cosmopolitan 

Every summer, Sweden celebrates the never-setting sun and the vibrant colours of the natural world around them by abandoning the cities and heading to the countryside for a night of floral food & drink filled festivities. We've taken inspiration from this, and created our delicious Blond Cosmopolitan amongst other Swedish-style cocktails for you to try.

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Cocktail of the month: Blond Cosmopolitan Cocktail of the month: Blond Cosmopolitan